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Google day

Thanks to Matija and Goran, my coworkers (yes, it was a joint effort, don't ask), I now have a GMail account. You can help me test it by sending me your mail on andrej.tozon at While I wait to get some invites to give away, I would want to follow this lead.

I also signed up for Google AdSense program and added some ad space to my blog. Just to see how this works out

Having said that... I google a lot. Mostly for information, but there's more to it. Google's calculator not only performs advanced mathematical calculations, but is also a measure unit converter. To convert a person's height to centimeters simply enter this in the search field: 5.9 feet in cm and you'll get the result. Needless to say, I don't use the Windows calculator anymore.
Another Google's best is the Definitions. Type define: programming in the search box and you will get back various definitions from various dictionaries available on the web.
More Google tools on this page.

Ministry in House of the Mol

Ministry released a new album last month. Houses of the Molé brings back the Ministry I once knew in the early 90s, when Psalm 69 was released. Fast, heavy sounding songs, loaded with samples from US president G. W. Bush, shoud easily be recognized as the best work Al Jourgensen has released in years. The political statement seems inevitable, as each of  the songs starts with the letter ‘W’, except  the opening No “W”, which kind of makes the Al’s point. No “W”, mixed with Orff’s Carmina Burana, also makes one of my favorites on this album. All in all, this is a great album, but The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste still remains my favorite Ministry CD.

Skinny Puppy, also a great industrial band from the past, have released a new album too. Yet, The Greater Wrong of the Right did not convince me :-(

Looks like the Revolting Cocks are next… Remember Beers, Steers & Queers?

Roman Holiday

Spent a week in Rome, Italy & enjoyed it. Very much. It was all I expected. Ancient Rome ruins, the catacombs, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, … The food is great, coffee excellent :) I found out that there is a considerable price difference in coffee price, when you order it inside (the bar, ~1 EUR) or outside (table, ~3 EUR). The pizza might not always be what you would expect, but the pasta really never disappoints.

Feline Corneal Sequestrum

Today I took my cat (his name is Georgy) to a vet for a surgery. He developed the corneal sequestrum, a kind of an ulcer, on the right eye. This condition seems to be quite common among the Persian, and the cause can't really be determined. It might be the result of some kind of eye irritation, feline herpesvirus, lack of tear production (some cats even sleep with their eyes open, causing the eye to dry) or corneal ulceration.
Although the sequestrum was already very deep, the operation didn't last too long and right now, Georgy is already awake from his anesthetic sleep.
We're having our next visit to the vet's scheduled for the next Monday, when the surgeon is going to remove the stitches. Hopefully, the surgery is going to be a success.

First post

Today seems like a good day to start blogging. I've just returned from the one-week vacation I spent on adriatic coast, where I enjoyed hot sun and some cold beer, whilst trying to put my mind away from the work.

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, in my future posts, I hope to start covering all of the aspects of software development, focusing primarily on .NET development. I am a long term VB developer, have been experimenting with .NET development since the early betas, now switched to C# as the primary .NET language. Other than computing, my interests include music (synths, samplers & stuff), movies and pets (yes, I have a cat, 11-year old black Persian) so you'll find me writing about those as well.