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Infragistics NetAdvantage for VS2005

Infragistics has just released the final version of their Windows/Web controls suite - NetAdvantage 2005 vol. 3 for Visual Studio 2005. After downloading and installing it, I fired up VS2005 and:

  1. Upgraded some of my projects... went smoothly.
  2. Checked the VS2005 Visual Inheritance Lockdown Feature status... it seems they too went with disabling the VI and so far I couldn't find any workaround to enable it. I wish they too will provide the means to re-enable Visual Inheritance in the next releases. [Update of an update] After reading Miha's post and spending a bit more time on this one, I decided that... I need to give it a few more rounds before making more comments on it. Looks like the issues I was having while playing with it probably weren't related to the lockdown feature, but my improper use of VI. However, the designer does behave a little unusual, depending on what you want to do with the controls' code. More to come.
  3. Used the ToolBox utility to get the contols' tool icons into my toolbox... if using this tool you get a weird error [Package 'ToolBox Control Installer Package' failed to load. at EnvDTE._DTE.ExecuteCommand(String CommandName, String CommandArgs)], check out this page for the possible resolution. It worked for me.

That said... this is another great release from Infragistics I've been waiting for since VS2005 RTMed - the final piece of my .NET 2.0 puzzle.