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CodeZone SI/SLODUG portal

There's a discussion going on here and here about the new SLODUG portal, which was recently put up by local developers' community. By the developers, for the developers. So, what's the problem? I don't really know the reason why they decided on the MS' CodeZone implementation; personally I think it's not intuitive, limited and somehow outdated. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree we developers need a meeting place to share our knowledge but the problem might lie elsewhere. Go to David’s si.Blogs page and count how many developers’ blogs are listed. Not many. I think we should first encourage our developers to start their own blogs by putting up a site like or, then syndicate all blog entries and integrate them with a simple forum (e.g. in a way that blog comments show up as forum posts). Looks like codezone-si certainly is going this way, but the tool, chosen for this, might be a bit awkward.

I wish the codezone-si catches on, we need this kind of community. However, making people contribute to it, is another story.