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The quality of your backups?

Miha writes about doing regular data backups to prevent losing valuable information we're all storing on our disks... and perhaps not caring about it as we should.

There's more to experiencing disk failure, even if you do regular backups... when your disk fails, you get to find out how good your backups really are... and what exactly are you storing in your archive.

It was about a month ago, when my primary disk failed... data lost... Yes, I have backup copies... or so I thought... When browsing through several CDs and DVDs, I kept on seeing my business/dev files, backed up all over again...  the same, exact duplicated stuff all over the place... Code, Outlook files, Documents, more code, ... But personal things, like gigs of photos... partials only. The archive I thought I had was incomplete.

Ok, it's not that bad, it turns out that I actually will be able to restore some data - but for a price. So next time you're about to skip backing up your image gallery or other personal files, because you think you don't have the time (or enough DVDs) to burn a few more copies, think about what's more important to you - your business or your personal life. Or... how much are you willing to pay for your memories?

Anyway, this sounds like a solution... I also like FolderShare for synching files among computers, reducing the risk of losing the data.