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Enable GPU Acceleration with Expression Blend 3

Last night, while working on a sample Silverlight application with Blend, I asked myself – where’s the Use GPU Acceleration option? Sure you can set the parameter on a Silverlight object directly in HTML or enable it through Out-Of-Browser Settings in Visual Studio 2008, but how about Blend?

The answer is that Blend enables GPU Acceleration automatically when one ticks the Enable Application Outside Browser option.

Enable Out-Of-Browser

And what’s with the Preview Application Outside Browser option? Let’s see what happens when we run the application from Blend.

Blend 3 prompt

Uhum… Blend asks that we should install the application first. OK, we’ll click Yes and run once again, still in the browser. Once started, right click, install the application and close it. Now the application is installed and the project is configured to run it out of the browser. From now on, every time the application is started from Blend, it will run out of the browser with GPU Acceleration enabled.

Slides from Microsoft Partner Meeting Event

Last week I attended a local Microsoft Partner Meeting to talk about using Silverlight (3) to build LOB applications. About half of the talk was slides, and the rest was app demos. Source code for some of my demos are available through some of my previous blog posts, and here’s the slide deck [in Slovenian language]:

Next week I’m presenting Silverlight 3 in Kiberpipa. It’s free entry and you’re kindly invited.

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