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SLODUG is expanding

While SLODUG web site is waiting for its facelift, all Facebook users are kindly invited to join SLODUG group over there. And if you're not familiar with the Facebook yet - it's fun. There's all sorts of stuff going on, you can do craziest things possible, and all your friends are invited to participate. You can share and compare your movie taste, find a perfect date, even play your favorite ZX Spectrum game and beat your friend's high score. But beware, you might as well find yourself chased by zombies or bitten by a vampire. Curious place, it is.

And SLODUG is now part of it.

Tick, tock... Silverlight Challenge: one week left

Just a quick reminder: 1st European Silverlight Challenge is entering the finishing line. As announced, the competition ends next Monday, which still gives you plenty of time to polish your applications and give them some finishing touches. When ready, don't forget to submit your app on local competition site (click here for Slovenian site). Note: you'll have to register and log in first to submit your entry.

Starting today, Silverlight v1.0 is also available through Windows Update, as an optional update.

Wait, there's more... also available through Windows Update from today, are updates for all Expression products, including service packs.

Just keep 'em coming...

WPF tutorials

If you're starting your development with Windows Presentation Foundation, head over to, as they're running a great video tutorial series on WPF app development.

Another exhaustive tutorials on designing WPF applications with Expression Blend can be found on the Expression Blend and Design Blog.

And while visiting, you might as well check out recently released Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit & Reader SDK. Remember New York Times Reader? With the SCE starter kit you can build similar experience for delivering your own content to the reader. I have a pretty fixed idea for using this, all I have to do now is find some extra time to pursue it. Anyway, another useful implementation of the SDK is the MSDN Magazine Reader, which also comes with the full source code.

A tooth for a... mobile

Nokia 6210 is a good and durable phone. Indestructible, I would even say. At least for us, ordinary users. I've had one since 2000, used it constantly, carried it with me all over the world, backpacking or business, dropping it on the floor now and then, and yet never had any problems with it.

In the end, I lost it to a nearly 12-months old, gaining her first 4 teeth (all at once!). The temptation was too strong and once in the mouth, the phone was immediately flooded with young saliva and its functions started to fail. Additional hard-drops to the floor probably helped too. It still works though, but since it lost its ability to connect to the network, it's kind of useless now.

It's amazing how real phones attract children. We've had a couple of toy mobile replicas and she barely looked at them. But seeing a real phone (preferably in action), she goes berserk...

I'll be getting a new mobile now...

About time... :)

The main contenders were IPhone or one from the HTC range... I don't know, I might also just choose something simple and cheap. You know... for making calls.

And happy birthday to you, Amber, you're 1 today.

Source Code for .NET Framework Libraries is available

It was announced with the release of Visual Studio 2008, now it's here - follow this thorough step-by-step instructions to enable this new feature; the setup involves a hotfix and some settings tweaking. The last thing to do is agree with the license, and  you'll be able to step through .NET Framework's source code. Cool...

Check also Daniel Moth's video - here.

Let Silverlight shine on YOU!

Join developers all around Europe in the ultimate Silverlight Challenge. Yes, the 1st European Silverlight Challenge is on and Slovenia is one of the many countries participating. For more information  head over to Slovenian and European competition site, read the official rules and start your Visual Studio. Also, feel free to discuss the Challenge and Silverlight on SLODUG's forums.

1st European Silverlight Challenge ends on January 28th, 2008. The spotlight is on you!