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The Million Dollar Homepage

I was reading about the Million Dollar Homepage the other day and wondering, how simple ideas sometimes go way beyond your expectations, even if at first they appear they would never work. There is no spoon...

However, the author expected imitations, and it looks like we already have a Slovenian "tribute" page. Explore the similarities ;)

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite RC

New month, new release... I kept installing all to-date VS2005 Beta/CTPs on a fresh VPC, which costed me some extra time to set up the whole working environment. So, with the latest RC I decided to reuse the August CTP VPC, which I successfully cleaned using the latest version of VS2005 Beta uninstall tool. The process was quick and painless. As for the RC... VS appears to run a bit faster, but I haven't had time to check it out quite yet, since some control incompatibility issues keep me working on the July CTP :(

VS2005 RC was one of the many new tools/technologies presented on this year's PDC, including Atlas, Linq, C# 3.0, VB 9.0, Office 12, VSTA 2005, SQL2005 (VS2005 RC is compatible with SQL2005 Sept. CTP!), and my long time wish, which is now coming true. Busy week.