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Windows Phone 8 and our “localized” keyboard layout

This is a rant (somewhat).

Windows 8 features a nicely convenient on-screen keyboard, which is mostly useful when using on a touch device, like a tablet. I’m quite often using it on my Surface, when my touch cover is not attached.

Now, let’s take a look at a Slovenian layout of this keyboard:


The keyboard layout is QUERTZ, with South Slavic layout, standardized in the 80’s and used in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and other (at that time) republics of former Yugoslavia. That means there are five additional letters on there. Letters č, š and ž (circled green) are part of all South Slavic alphabets, while đ and ć (circled red) are not in Slovenian alphabet.

Although this is a Slovenian keyboard layout, the presence of non-Slovenian characters is far from annoying or discomforting – besides the fact that there are also other (English) characters present, we’re used to this layout and have adopted it a long time ago, plus sometimes those characters come in rather handy.

But again, those red characters are not part of Slovenian language and that’s why I was surprised to see the Slovenian on-screen keyboard on my Windows Phone 8 (taken on my Nokia Lumia 920):


It struck me weird that Microsoft would, out of five Slavic characters, pick the two that are not part of the Slovenian alphabet.

Taking another look at the above Windows 8 keyboard layout - notice how š and č are right next to  p and l? Wouldn’t it be natural to take this exact layout  to the Phone keyboard? So now, out of 28 letters on Windows Phone keyboard, there are 6 of them that aren’t in Slovenian alphabet – q, w, y, x (English), and ć, đ (Croatian/Serbian Latin/Bosnian).


Of course, you can also (besides typing a combo of c and ˇ) access all letters by pressing and holding down the base letter, which gives you more options – and - behold č as the first option:



Fix please?