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Community Server 2.1 Released!

Download the latest version from the official site. Right on time - for a long an rainy weekend...

Some features that I was eagerly waiting for: Better SPAM protection, Tags, Content Mirroring and Medium Trust.

Also, a new WLM build [8.0.0812.00] is available...

Windows Live QnA

Microsoft recently launched a new Live service called Windows Live QnA (Beta), where you can ask all kinds of questions, answer the questions to which you think you know the answer, and also vote for the best answer, given by others.

So if you have a deep or silly question no one around you knows the answer to, head over to Windows Live QnA and ask away...

And if you need an invite to get there... post a comment here.

Rome, revisited

This year, the occasion was Madonna's concert, yesterday, 6.8.2006, Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy, which concluded this summer's concert season. Not just a concert, but a two hour mega-show, with Madonna performing her latest, as well as classic hits, such as Like a Virgin and La Isla Bonita. Well worth seeing... Include a few days spent in Rome, and you get a perfect package...

Summer concert season continues...

... with the second in a row - Robbie Williams, 22.7.2006, Milano, Italy. I'll remember this one by the incredible heat (40°C) and the wild crowd. Exciting performance, opening with the Close Encounters theme, lasted for almost two hours, including the introduction of a new song - Rudebox.

Anyway... just a few days more of vacation left, and then... on to handling all of the interesting stuff/news/happenings that keeep on piling around...

The quality of your backups?

Miha writes about doing regular data backups to prevent losing valuable information we're all storing on our disks... and perhaps not caring about it as we should.

There's more to experiencing disk failure, even if you do regular backups... when your disk fails, you get to find out how good your backups really are... and what exactly are you storing in your archive.

It was about a month ago, when my primary disk failed... data lost... Yes, I have backup copies... or so I thought... When browsing through several CDs and DVDs, I kept on seeing my business/dev files, backed up all over again...  the same, exact duplicated stuff all over the place... Code, Outlook files, Documents, more code, ... But personal things, like gigs of photos... partials only. The archive I thought I had was incomplete.

Ok, it's not that bad, it turns out that I actually will be able to restore some data - but for a price. So next time you're about to skip backing up your image gallery or other personal files, because you think you don't have the time (or enough DVDs) to burn a few more copies, think about what's more important to you - your business or your personal life. Or... how much are you willing to pay for your memories?

Anyway, this sounds like a solution... I also like FolderShare for synching files among computers, reducing the risk of losing the data.

WLM goes final!

Windows Live Messenger is the first of the "Live" products to go final version. No more Betas, just pure working joy - richer experience, folder sharing, better audio... and new extensibility options for developers!!! [more about this in future posts].

[Update: install from here]

SQL Everywhere

If you're looking for a simple client data storage option, SQL Everywhere might be an answer for your needs. It's currently available as downloadable CTP and RTM is planned for later this year.

I spent a few hours trying it out

And the summer concert season begins...

... with the first of the three big concerts I'm planning for this summer - Depeche Mode, Ljubljana Stadium, yesterday. Great, finally got to see them live. They were on stage over 1 1/2 hours and I wouldn't mind them continuing playing all night :) Personal highlights: Enjoy The Silence and Photographic. The official merchandise price was set somewhat high, but if you want, you can also order the CD set from last night's show here.

Setlist: Intro | A Pain That I'm Used To | A Question Of Time | Suffer Well | Precious | Walking In My Shoes | Stripped | Home | It Doesn't Matter Two | In Your Room | Nothing's Impossible | John The Revelator | I Feel You | Behind The Wheel | World In My Eyes | Personal Jesus | Enjoy The Silence || Shake The Disease | Photographic | Never Let Me Down Again

Just a few links...

Ever wanted to contribute to MSDN documentation? Visit MSDN Wiki and submit your content. RSS feeds are available to help you track recent additions.

To learn more about new VSTS member - Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals - take a look at some new screenshots, attend Webcasts and download PPT from the first Webcast.

If you're interested in developing services for the Windows Live Platform, visit the new Windows Live Dev site.

WinFX gets a new name. Here's .NET Framework 3.0!

Custom ProfessionalColors Helper

Here's the source code of the Custom ProfessionalColors Helper sample, which I was using on my Building Rich UI w/ VS2005 talk on recent NTK2006 conference. Feel free to download, use and modify it at your will. This sample helps you define your custom color tables, which you can use for feeding the ToolStrip renderer to get the customized/themed look. The Randomize option makes additional, yet completely useless addition to the sample ;)

ProfessionalColors Helper